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    Bypass Track Shutters

    Bypass Track Shutters


    Bypass Track Shutters are a perfect option for your sliding glass doors!
    The Bypass Track Shutter System operates by allowing your shutter panels to slide past each other, via top tracks, to open and close.

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    Bypass Track Shutter panels slide behind each other on upper-hung tracks to provide you full accessibility to your sliding glass door. Multiple shutter panels slide on tracks mounted above a sliding glass door.

    Shutters are one of the window treatments that provide many benefits when we use them on our sliding doors. They will give a better result than other kinds of window treatments on sliding doors. The shutters will be able to provide protection from direct sun exposure which will make the room feel hotter. Using shutters, we can determine how much sunlight is permitted inside your home.

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    Important Considerations and Recommendations:

    • It is important to keep in mind that with almost every Bypass Track Shutter configuration, you will have a shutter panel that covers one pane of your sliding glass door at all times.
    • split tilt rod – allows you to open either the top or bottom half of your shutters independently from one another.
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