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    By EM-Superadmin - 1 May, 2021

    How the lighting in your home affects your mood

    The pandemic is keeping us quarantined at home. We should do ourselves a favor and at least make our living environment a welcoming one.
    How the lighting in your home affects your mood

    Have you ever seen those commercials where your blinds open up automatically and the morning light wakes you us so peacefully. The same blinds at night close down to make sure your sleeping environment is dark and cozy.

    Outside of how curtains and their presence gives depth and value to the rooms, how they decorate a window frame from something boring to something of elegance and class, We usually forget to give credit to our curtains and the role they play in changing the mood of the house.

    As we are all coming from a year of lockdown and pandemic where we are stuck at home, where mental health is becoming a topic of discussion more and more, one of the ways to make sure that we can stay mentally fit and up to par is to at the very least make our living environment a peaceful and energetic one, and the power of a good lighting should not be forgotten.

    If you are looking to redo your curtains and need consulting on how to make a more a room more friendly and welcoming, please get in touch with us today.


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